Here are some images that remind me of the fabulous furnishings throughout Greigston Manor in House Key. This historic house comes alive with vigilant mirrors, elegant parlors and dining, a cozy kitchen, a sexy boudoir, myriad secret passages, and a mysterious library.

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  1. Cresta Rylander-Taylor

    I must read your book Ms. DeBerry. Have I ever witnessed such beauty within a home? The photos remind me of
    a mental collection or portfolio of all that I have ever deemed the most outstanding in a house. Wowing.
    As a child I listened to Reverend Risden, in Philadelphia, when he came to visit his minister friend Rev. McKinley Gaither (deceased),at
    my church’s annual summer fellowship. I live in Bryn Mawr and am interested in 594. I had opportunity to visit the house, some
    years ago when it posted as rental. Unlike, many of my neighbors, I am not affluent, just a Spanish teacher. I live with my two
    adult “kids” and am soon to retire, I think. Will 594 ever be sold? If so, please contact me. Thank you. Your success is stupendous!

    Ms. Cresta Rylander-Taylor

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