We finally caught a break after twenty-some straight days of rain this spring. The landscape woke up from a stark and bleak sleep in an explosion of green. Once again, we’re enjoying meandering paths that are lush, vibrant and alive. Here’s a photo of the view that inspired the House Key love scene in Chapter 41, “Wildcat Mountain”. Can you make out the object hanging above my horse’s left ear?

Santi and Jordan are riding a similar trail when they stop at a spot similar to this one for a surprise picnic lunch he has packed. Jordan complains that she can’t get her boots off to sit comfortably, but Santi has a solution:

“[…] he unhooked a slender metal object bent at one end that hung from a low branch tied with a bit of baling twine. He held it up for my inspection and waited. Nothing registered. Another test I failed.”

If you haven’t guessed what it is, you can read about it in House Key and find out what happens during their memorable picnic…

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