My New Fort

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So the reason for the radio-silence lately is that I’ve actually been working on an audio project for the last few weeks. I’m creating a voice-over version for House Key, or what my husband jokingly calls “a new science project.” Science was never my thing – yet this could work… I’ll let you be the judge as I make progress.

Today is just a heads-up. Here’s a picture of my ‘rough draft’ start. Yes, I am still also writing the sequel of House Key, as well, but I’ve had enough requests for an audio version of the novel, that I decided to look into it. Many of you enjoy hands-free reading; to listen while you commute to work, jog, garden, or do whatever. Given that reading is learned, not innate, reading can be challenging for some. But I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love a good story – and that’s why I’m compelled to make an Audible version so that everyone can enjoy this one.

I did a little research. I asked for advice. I heard lots of pro- and con opinions about hiring an actor versus narrating one’s own novel. I decided to do what comes most naturally: take the path of greatest resistance. I went on the Amazon website, stole comforters from my kids’ bedrooms (it’s warm and they’ve retreated to the man-cave in the basement, anyway) and built myself a fort. Constructed with spare canvases (all painting projects – except commissions – are in summer recess right now), it’s big enough to contain my desk and recording equipment.

Not Feng-shui, but definitely functional, my new sound lab is a studio within a studio. It is recording-ready. The unforeseen downside is that my kids just figured out a loophole to the new silent-house rule: since they have no indoor voices, they simply slip away to their friends’ houses undetected. When I ask my husband where they’ve gone, he shrugs and relays the message that they “didn’t want to disturb Mom in her ‘beats-lab’.” Is that a rapper thing? Maybe it’s a sign they think it’s cool? I can’t be sure, but it’s all positive. I’m excited to create this new version of House Key and get your feedback soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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